“The whole punk ethic was do-it-yourself, and I've always been very literal, especially as a kid. When they said that anybody can do this, I was like, 'OK, that's me'.”

    -Michael Stipe

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    Adventures of a geeky, displaced Jersey girl in crafting, homemaking, and parenting. Married to my best buddy & gestating a belly monster.
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Gardening is Upon Us!

I came across this awesome post about the rise in gardening. While we’re technically Gen X-ers, not a Millennials, a lot of this applies equally well to Teddy and I. This is our first year with an actual yard, so we’ve completely expanded beyond our container garden of past years. Teddy built 4 large raised … Continue reading

Starlight Stitches Maxaloones

I’m excited to announce I’m one of the new “Brand Ambassadors” for Starlight Stitches, an amazing work at home mom brand. I’ve been using her products with my daughter pretty much since birth, and I have always been impressed with the quality of the products and the amazing customer service I’ve received. This weekend, as … Continue reading

Sushi in a Jar

Once a week, Belly Monster goes to day care and I get a day at the library to work on my current project. To save money, I’ve been packing myself bento box lunches (and posting them on my Twitter @jerseybridehh, if you’re interested). Now, I’ve been a vegetarian for I don’t know how long, maybe … Continue reading

Women Need to Stop Putting Each Other Down

This happened last weekend, but I’m still annoyed. A friend, she’s a teacher, single, no kids, told me I don’t know what tired means, because she has 45 kids to look after and I only have 1. I wanted to $@#&ing strangle her right there in the bar. I get teachers don’t get the respect … Continue reading

A Glimpse in Our Life: Up and Down

We flew. On a plane. And lived to see another day. To be fair, Belly Monster has flown before, and it was the Flight of Champions: DC to India. But we now know that a long flight with a one year old and an 18 month old are somehow completely different beasts. It wasn’t nap … Continue reading

I Made a Thing, and it was Yum: Vanilla French Toast

Teddy loves challah French toast. I’m always messing with my recipe, trying to come up with the bestest. I think I’m really really close to the bestest. What I did (and I can’t give an entirely proper recipe, because I didn’t measure anything): Slice brand spanking new, yummy fresh challah. Eat the end, cause yum. … Continue reading

A Glimpse in our Life: Mushroom, No! Lettuce, Yes!

Belly Monster is cooking at her little kitchen. She has 4 leaves of play lettuce in a pan that she’s stirring vigorously with a spatula. (All the toy spoons are AWOL.) Me: Can we add something to your soup? Monster: Lettuce? Me: How about something other than lettuce? Monster: Lettuce? Vegetable? Me  (picking up play … Continue reading

Kitchen Hand Scrub

Teddy’s family in India owns a farm which grows, among other things*, coconuts. *As far as I can tell, the only other thing is rice. I’m not really sure. But things like bananas and jackfruit and other yummies grow wild, so there’s always amazing fresh fruit to be found. So, coconuts. I call Teddy the … Continue reading

Teddy Knows Me Too Well

I asked Teddy to pick me up some garlic. This is what he brought home. Yeah, he knows what’s up. I made myself a half pound of garlicky kale and sautéed mushrooms. Because you can eat whatever you want for dinner when your husband works nights.

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