Women Need to Stop Putting Each Other Down

This happened last weekend, but I’m still annoyed. A friend, she’s a teacher, single, no kids, told me I don’t know what tired means, because she has 45 kids to look after and I only have 1. I wanted to $@#&ing strangle her right there in the bar. I get teachers don’t get the respect … Continue reading

A Glimpse in our Life: Why I Went Missing

Belly Monster is sneaky and quick. I’m learning. My phone went missing. For about an hour. Turns out Belly Monster used her Go Go Gadget Arms to get it off the table. She called some people. She texted others. She also turned off some of my apps. I didn’t even know you could turn off … Continue reading

A Glimpse in Our Life: DaddyLa Hugs

Belly Monster calls Teddy “DaddyLa.” We don’t know why. It’s often accompanied with a sign she made up for him. Because she’s adorable. And maybe a little mysterious. So I’m standing in the kitchen, by the gate, and she’s on the other side, in the living room / dining room. Teddy is at the dining … Continue reading

I Need a Three Day Nap

Belly Monster has been going through some kind of awful growth spurt, and I’m dying. Thursday night she didn’t sleep. Well, she slept from about 9pm to midnight. Then she was up until almost 6am. It was awful. Friday she was grouchy, but I chalked it up to crazy sleep. She willingly took a nap, … Continue reading

Nursing on Baby’s Terms

I don’t know how long Belly Monster will nurse. We’re coming up on 18 months, and so far she shows little sign of quitting. Will we nurse through toddlerhood? Past it? I know some friends and definitely my mom (who was against nursing from the get go) already think enough is enough. But you know … Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Related Resolutions at Cloth Diaper Geek

I’m late on this one, but Cloth Diaper Hell has a great post of 10 cloth diaper resolutions. I’ve already done some of these! But some I think I’ll take up for 2015. Take a look at her list. Here’s where I stand on the 10 resolutions. 1.  Did it! Domestically to Annapolis when Belly … Continue reading

PoC of the Non-traditional Parenting Methods, Unite!

I’ve never heard of Love,d cloth diapers, that’s not the reason I clicked on this blog. This showed up in the Black Women Do Cloth Diaper group on Facebook, and I just loved seeing another PoC mommy in the Land of Blogs.  It’s so rare seeing other WoC when I go to cloth diaper (or … Continue reading

Technology and Kids, What Age is the Right Age?

When I was pregnant, one of the things I said was “zero screen time” for the Belly Monster. Yeah, right. Belly Monster, like lots of American kids, gets a fair amount of screen time. I need background noise, and by habit I leave the TV on way more than I should. Lately it’s been the … Continue reading

Ground Control, can you hear me?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog recently, and I think I’m about ready to pick it up again. Probably slowly at first, but hopefully I’ll eventually get back to a regular posting schedule. In the meantime, here’s a quick update: 1 after being unemployed for longer than I would have ever thought I … Continue reading

Right to Breastfeed in Public Cards

America just can NOT get it’s act together on breastfeeding.  If you don’t do it, you’re a horrible mother who is neglecting your child.  If you do breastfeed, you’re a wonderful mother who deserves all the praise in the world, but you absolutely positively must not breastfeed in public or in front of anyone else.  … Continue reading

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