Gender Reveal: Cupcakes & Cigars

We recently had our baby shower – I say “our,” because while I had a tea with my girlfriends, Teddy went out to a bar with his guys.  We decided to do a gender reveal at the shower, because I hate hate HATE gender-normative baby clothes.  I just could not deal with the idea of … Continue reading

Cheap(est ever) Flats

Guys. GUYS. You can make 2 flats and 2 doublers from 1 t-shirt.  OMG.  You can get a t-shirt for next to nothing.  This is cheaper than floursack towels! This is happening.  Seriously.  It’s amazing.  My mind is blown.  I am cowering in awe before the excellence.  I am quaking before this display of epic … Continue reading

Recent Craftiness – Gifts Galore

I’ve been cross stitching up a storm lately.  Lots and lots of my friends have been getting married and having babies, and I love giving cross stitch presents to commemorate such happy life events.  Here’s some of my recent work: The biggest project I’ve done lately is the flowery design I made for my co-worker … Continue reading

Strassing your Shoes

I ran across this thread at and thought I’d share, because it’s such an awesome idea.  This bride is strassing her wedding shoes! I think they’re absolutely beautiful – if I didn’t already have the most ridicadunk fabulous shoes ever, I’d consider this project.  It looks fairly simply, though time intensive, but the finished … Continue reading

Wedding Necklace: Pearls and Crystals and Brooches, Oh My!

Over the past two weeks or so, I made the necklace I will wear with my wedding dress (but not the wedding saree). I’m not really a jewelry maker, and most of what I know I learned from books I picked up in craft stores.  I know I could have done a better job with … Continue reading

Update: Whatever Happened with that To-Do List?

I was digging through old blog posts, and I found this to-do list of what I was supposed to get done over this past summer and upcoming winter break. ::gulp:: An executive decision was made to not glue together the folder or the invitations/reception cards to the cardstock for fear the adhesive would fail before … Continue reading

Sometimes Crafting Takes Compromise

When I began the never-ending project of making my invitations, I found a perfect orange ribbon – a little satiny, a little shimmery, just the right width.  Perfect. Next I needed a pink ribbon.  This was a problem.  Pairing orange with pink as wedding colors can be a risky move, and this had to be … Continue reading

Don’t Keep Things in your Head

I was talking to my mom yesterday, and I realized I’ve slacked hard on the things that need to get done this summer.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m wedding planning around my school calendar, which basically means this summer, winter break, spring break, and next summer after I take the Bar exam.  Which totals up … Continue reading

Pom-Poms a Go-Go?

The other day I posted about how I recently decided I absolutely must have paper pom-poms at my reception.  I even included two different pictures of paper pom-poms in my inspiration collage yesterday. But, I wasn’t really sure how T would feel about them.  Actually, I was kind of assuming he would hate the idea. … Continue reading


Dancy over at Beer Budget Bride’s Musing has this excellent post where she talks about seeing tissue pom-poms at Grand Central Station. zOMG gorg; I totally love them. Of course, MS has instructions on how to make them.  So I’m sitting on the couch and I show Dancy’s pics and the MS website to my … Continue reading

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