Women Need to Stop Putting Each Other Down

This happened last weekend, but I’m still annoyed.

A friend, she’s a teacher, single, no kids, told me I don’t know what tired means, because she has 45 kids to look after and I only have 1. I wanted to $@#&ing strangle her right there in the bar.

I get teachers don’t get the respect or support they deserve, I get she’s in an underserved district with kids who haven’t been supported or challenged and have difficult home lives, I know she’s totally dedicated to her work and regularly puts in  12 or 14 hour days. But seriously? At the end of that 14 hour day, she GOES HOME. If the kids are sick, she sends them to the school nurse and they go home.

The other night when my kid was a vomit waterfall and my husband was at work, I didn’t get to pass that off on anyone. When my kid wakes at 3am and thinks it’s party time, who deals with that?

When she’s posting on Facebook about happy hours or watching tv on the couch with a bottle of wine or going to a midnight show for a movie, I’m home with a freaking toddler. AAAARGH.

I hate when women put other women’s work down. I’ve got a generally clean house, a pretty happy husband, piles of clean laundry, a fridge full of healthy food, and I’ve done this mommy gig both working and not working, and either way it’s hard and exhausting and stressful and often thankless and it’s definitely 24/7. I should have throat punched her.

WOMEN OF THE WORLD: There is no competition between the stay at home moms and the working moms, between the married women and the single women, between the breastfeeders and formula feeders, between the cry it out crowd and the bed sharing crowd. IT’S ALL MANUFACTURED DRAMA and it holds ALL WOMEN BACK.


My friend is tired. She’s dedicated, she’s hardworking, she’s making a positive impact on the lives of underserved children and that deserves respect. But her attitude was completely disrespectful to all mothers, who work 24/7 for their children. And that’s not cool.

Sorry for the early morning rant.


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