Getting Started with Canning

Lots of my friends are always impressed with my canning creations.  But I have a secret: canning is really REALLY easy.  Seriously, I did not grow up in a house where canning existed.  Hell, my mom barely cooks and doesn’t bake at all.  Canning wasn’t happening! But, that doesn’t mean canning is for everyone.  Personally, … Continue reading

I’m so excited for canning!

I’m hoping to be able to get down to the market next week and find something yummy to can.  It’s kind of hectic around here – I’m helping organize a silent auction and becoming obsessed with checking various websites for on-sale baby stuff – but a batch of marmalade would be pretty awesome to get … Continue reading

Award Winning Marmalade

Wow, I was going through my old posts and realized I never put this up. Did you know I have an award-winning marmalade?  Crazy, right! I guess it was a little over a year ago I seriously started canning, mostly for fun and to give gifts to friends.  On a lark, I entered one in … Continue reading

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