Bored, la-di-da

What I do when I'm bored in class

Tonightwas dull, so I did this instead of what I was supposed to be doing.  If this were a tweet, the hashtag would be: #YouKnowYouveBecomeWeddingObsessedWhen (except that’s way too long for a hashtag haha) Advertisements

Inspiration from MSW: 50 Great Wedding Centerpieces

Martha Stewart Weddings has an interesting slideshow up: 50 Great Wedding Centerpieces. I was pleased there were a fair number of non-floral options.  As any budget-conscious bride knows, flowers will really kick your budget out of whack.  Some of my favorite non-floral options were: Tea Cup Centerpiece – I’m a sucker for tea cups, and … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Bridesmaids Dress Shopping

My maid of honor (MOH), a friend, and I went shopping for bridesmaids dresses the other night, and after months of searching, we finally found the perfect dress!  It’s the exact color I wanted to correspond with my wedding saree, and it will be very flattering and gorgeous on the girls. One of the difficulties … Continue reading

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