A Glimpse in our Life: Mushroom, No! Lettuce, Yes!

Belly Monster is cooking at her little kitchen. She has 4 leaves of play lettuce in a pan that she’s stirring vigorously with a spatula. (All the toy spoons are AWOL.)

Me: Can we add something to your soup?
Monster: Lettuce?
Me: How about something other than lettuce?
Monster: Lettuce? Vegetable?
Me  (picking up play mushroom) How about this?
Monster: Mushroom!
(I put the mushroom in the pot.)
Monster: NOOOOOOooooooooOoooooOOOOooooo! (ala Westley when the Prince turns the machine up to 50.)
(Monster throws mushroom across the room.)
Monster: Lettuce! YES!

Ahhhhhhh, toddlerhood.


As you wish, Belly Monster. Lettuce it is.


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