Teddy Knows Me Too Well

I asked Teddy to pick me up some garlic. This is what he brought home. Yeah, he knows what’s up. I made myself a half pound of garlicky kale and sautéed mushrooms. Because you can eat whatever you want for dinner when your husband works nights. Advertisements

Wool Dryer Balls

It’s a constant march towards removing unnecessary chemicals from the house, whether food additives or chemicals in cleaning products.  But recently I’ve learned about a product that I’m seriously considering, though I’m also a little anxious about. Wool dryer balls are used in place of fabric softener and dryer sheets, and supposedly as an added … Continue reading

New obsession: Cloth diapers

Teddy & I are expecting our first peanut, and I’ve decided to use cloth diapers when our little one arrives.  Absolutely none of my friends have done this, so I’ve been relying on blogs and other online resources to educate myself.  (Though my mother in law did cloth diaper Teddy, so she’s totally supportive!  But … Continue reading

A Colored Veil?

Offbeat Bride – which, btw, is an awesome site – has this very cool post about colored veils. What What WHAT? WHY didn’t I think of that? ::brain starts spinning:: I was planning on making my own veil, anyway. My colors are epicly awesome. My bridesmaids are in dresses that are epicly awesome. I am … Continue reading

Update: Whatever Happened with that To-Do List?

I was digging through old blog posts, and I found this to-do list of what I was supposed to get done over this past summer and upcoming winter break. ::gulp:: An executive decision was made to not glue together the folder or the invitations/reception cards to the cardstock for fear the adhesive would fail before … Continue reading

Hey, I’m a Color Whore, Too!

Over at Dai*s Wedding RAvEs & RaNTs is a great post “Am I A Color Whore!?!?” – Dai’s wedding colors are purple, orange & fuchsia. Which. Is. Awesome. Screw white and pastels and all that Boring Boring nonsense. So, if it makes you feel better Dai, I’m a color whore, too!  My colors are orange … Continue reading

Inspirations: Over-Done Place Cards

Something I’ve been planning for a while now is using mini galvanized buckets for my place cards.  I kinda love galvanized buckets (random, yes, but that’s me), and I have big plans for them at the ceremony – galvanized buckets will hold the programs and dollar-store paint brushes so guests can brush off their feet … Continue reading

Save the Date, Save the Cash

Then T came up with this great idea – use photo mounting corners to hold the magnets onto postcards. Genius! (See why I love my T? He totally supports my insane crafting.)

The Experiment: eBay Wedding Dress

No, not some pre-worn monstrosity that’s already been taken in and has a wine stain down the front and grass stains on the hem.

Nope, a brand new dress, made just for me, by some person in China.

Yeah, you read that right.

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