Teddy & I are going on a babymoon – 3 days and 2 nights in a beautiful hotel at the Jersey Shore, where I get to lay by a pool in my tent (AKA my maternity swim suit).  He booked a prenatal massage for me, and he’ll get a massage, too.  We’ll go out for … Continue reading

Reflections on my Birth Class

Teddy & I attended a one-day birth class at the hospital I’ll be delivering, and it was a pretty strange experience. There were about 12 couples there, and of all the couples, only us and one other couple were interested in natural childbirth.  I’m not really sure why this surprised me – most of my … Continue reading

Product Review: Wool Dryer Balls by CleanSypria

Two months ago, I purchased 6 wool dryer balls from CleanSypria on Etsy.  I was interested in them for a few reasons.  First, you’re not supposed to use dryer sheets with cloth diapers, because they affect absorbancy.  Second, once I started learning about all the chemicals in dryer sheets, I wasn’t too interested in using … Continue reading

Week 32: When My Mind and Body Went Crazy (AKA Why I Didn’t Post This Week)

I’m about halfway through week 33 now, and it’s been rough. Week 32, my body rebelled against me.  I spent most nights up with heartburn and/or body aches (calves and upper legs mostly, but also numbness in my arms and hands).  It’s an incredibly awful way to wake up – my chest would be on … Continue reading

Gender Reveal: Cupcakes & Cigars

We recently had our baby shower – I say “our,” because while I had a tea with my girlfriends, Teddy went out to a bar with his guys.  We decided to do a gender reveal at the shower, because I hate hate HATE gender-normative baby clothes.  I just could not deal with the idea of … Continue reading

Recipe Review: Vintage Lemonade

It’s not really accurate to say this is a recipe review, because I’ve been using this recipe for 2 or 3 years now.  But it’s definitely one of my favorite drink recipes and is in the fridge pretty much all summer, so I wanted to share the awesomeness. I found this vintage lemonade recipe on … Continue reading

Birth of Sloane

Lately I’m obsessed with this video.  It’s a home waterbirth, and it’s amazing, and it makes me cry every time I watch it. So you should watch it.  And I hope you love it as much as I do.

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