DIY Bride Tips

Don’t read Broke-Ass Bride?  If you’re engaged and broke, you need to get on that.  F’real. Britt over on that blog recently had this amazing post, Confessions of a Nervous DIY Bride.  As a DIY bride, I totally understand what she’s saying – as my bedroom becomes the home of an ever-increasing swirl of paper, … Continue reading

Peripheral Perceptions: So This is What 30 Looks Like

Teddy and I have been together for a little over 6 years.  Before that, we were co-workers, and then friends. And now we’re planning a wedding. It’s nice to look back and look forward, and there’s a lot to focus on right now.  But where will we be in 30 years?  There is a really … Continue reading

Sometimes Crafting Takes Compromise

When I began the never-ending project of making my invitations, I found a perfect orange ribbon – a little satiny, a little shimmery, just the right width.  Perfect. Next I needed a pink ribbon.  This was a problem.  Pairing orange with pink as wedding colors can be a risky move, and this had to be … Continue reading

Continuing with my “Jersey is Awesome” Theme [Updated]

Jersey Doesn’t Stink is a (poorly named) initiative to fight back against all things anti-Jersey and generally ridic or stupid, including clichés, stereotypes, and anything on reality t.v. pretending to represent the state.  Check out this article at for more info and responses from the Governor and other fancy-shmancy folk. The West Jersey History … Continue reading

Being Biracial & in Biracial Relationships

Note: This isn’t what I meant to write about and is basically an unedited mind-dump of a rant.  Sorry about that. So, I’m biracial.  And I’m engaged to someone who basically represents the continent that isn’t already in my blood.  You ever hear of Josephine Baker’s Rainbow Tribe?  That’s basically what T & I are … Continue reading

South Jersey Shore Love

So I posted about my love of Philly, and I thought I should balance it out with a post about my love of South Jersey. Why “South Jersey” and not “New Jersey”?  If you’re not from here, that’s probably too long an explanation.  There’s a movie trying to determine the dividing line between North and … Continue reading

Jersey Girl Love Story

So, in case you couldn’t guess from the title of this blog, I’m from Jersey.  And uber-proud of it. zOMG ***NO*** that’s not me.  Actually, that’s not what people look like in Jersey.  Try Staten Island. I’m from that other part of Jersey, outside of Philadelphia. The part with cranberry bogs and horses and farm … Continue reading

Don’t Keep Things in your Head

I was talking to my mom yesterday, and I realized I’ve slacked hard on the things that need to get done this summer.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m wedding planning around my school calendar, which basically means this summer, winter break, spring break, and next summer after I take the Bar exam.  Which totals up … Continue reading

Pom-Poms a Go-Go?

The other day I posted about how I recently decided I absolutely must have paper pom-poms at my reception.  I even included two different pictures of paper pom-poms in my inspiration collage yesterday. But, I wasn’t really sure how T would feel about them.  Actually, I was kind of assuming he would hate the idea. … Continue reading

Morning Inspiration

My inspiration this morning is from the running themes of our wedding, sunrise over the ocean and the melding of our two cultures.  I love the deep and lush colors of pink and orange and the mix of Indian and American influences.  This morning’s inspiration is probably leaning closer to the Indian side of things … Continue reading

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