Wedding Dress. Check.

One of the hard parts about planning a wedding in New Jersey when I live in Chicago is that everything gets crunched into the tiny bits of time when I’m actually in Jersey.  Basically, wedding planning is taking place this summer, over Christmas break, next spring break, and the month between the Bar exam and … Continue reading

OK, Stop with the Crazy

I’m planning a wedding.  I get it.  You kinda go crazy.  There’s too many decisions, too many factors, too too too many things that can go wrong. But really, stop with the crazy. You know what falls under “crazy” in my book – bridal diapers.  Yeah, bridal diapers. Maybe I should say “stop with the … Continue reading

Dealing with the Mother-in-Law

A Practical Wedding has an interesting two-part post on the mind of the mother-in-law and how expectant brides can best navigate that relationship. Reading the comments to the two posts, I was struck by how difficult some of the women’s relationships can be with their MIL.  And how much it bothered them.  I have no … Continue reading

A Love Letter for You

I stumbled across this mural project and wedding photos over at Green Wedding Shoes (which, by the way, is an excellent wedding blog that you should really check out).  The wedding photos were taken in front of various murals of a mural project in Philadelphia – more information on the mural project can be found … Continue reading

Wedding Invitations Wording

One of the hard things about making your own invitations at home is navigating the complex (and sometimes archaic) etiquette of wording the invitation.  Do the parents’ names appear?  Are words spelled out or abbreviated?  Ditto with numbers.  Do you include a reception card or include reception information on the invitation? I turned to Google, … Continue reading

Inspirations: Over-Done Place Cards

Something I’ve been planning for a while now is using mini galvanized buckets for my place cards.  I kinda love galvanized buckets (random, yes, but that’s me), and I have big plans for them at the ceremony – galvanized buckets will hold the programs and dollar-store paint brushes so guests can brush off their feet … Continue reading

Things I Know Nothing About: Rehearsal Dinners

This weekend, my mom, T, & I drove down to Cape May to check out a restaurant that mom wants us to use for the rehearsal dinner.  That was kind of a win and kind of a bust (long story), but during the whole thing, mom mentioned that we probably don’t need to have an … Continue reading

Loving Day!!!

So I totally just realized what today’s date is.  It’s June 12th.  It’s Loving Day!!!! Loving Day is the day when interracial and intercultural relationships are celebrated in honor of Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967).  In that historic case, the United States Supreme Court held in a unanimous decision that Virginia’s anti-miscegenation statute … Continue reading


This morning I woke up and, not up to cross-stitch first thing, I threw in a load of laundry and decided to print out my invitations.  It took awhile (I printed in batches of 10 so I could stop printing if my ink started to run low), and by the time I was done I … Continue reading

Beer Budget Bride’s Musings: Pimp My Ride

I had to share this.  Just had to.  It made me laugh so hard I didn’t know what to do with myself. I have finally convinced T that we need some kind of transportation to get us and the wedding party to the beach from our hotel and then from the beach to the reception … Continue reading

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