Gender, Sex, and Raising Little Girls

Lots of my friends have been posting this opinion piece on FB, so I’m guessing lots of the blogosphere have run across it as well: For Strong Daughters, Stop with the Sex Stereotypes by David M. Perry. David discusses the experience of his son’s and daughter’s preschool camp award ceremony, where prizes were given out … Continue reading

Etsy Store to Check Out: Geek-A-Bye Baby

A friend posted Geek-A-Bye Baby on my FB wall a few weeks ago, and me being a huge geek, I was pretty much in love right away.  Baby stuff inspired by Star Wars, comic books (DC *and* Marvel), Dr. Who, video games — kinda everything my silly little world revolves around. I also liked the … Continue reading

Dude, Kids are Creeeeeeepy

A father has started a new video series “Convos with my 2-Year Old.”  He re-enacts conversations he has with his daughter, but instead of a little girl, he has a grown man stand in and give his daughter’s lines. Result: creepy.  Super duper insanely creepy. Also, pretty hysterical and awesome. Check it out.  What’s the … Continue reading

“Oh, She’s So Cute, Where Did You Get Her?”

When I was little, people always asked my (white) mother where I was from or where she had gotten me.  I grew up in an area of South Jersey were international adoptions were common, but interracial marriages were not.  Which meant that the assumption was that because I’m kinda mocha-colored and have tightly curly / … Continue reading

Who’s To Blame? (Sue’s to Blame!)

Sorry for the title, couldn’t resist. OK, so here’s the story: parents go to Starbucks.  Mom realizes Baby needs a diaper change.  Mom goes in bathroom and sees there’s no changing table.  Mom returns to seating area and changes Baby’s diaper on a table.  Starbucks employees are rude, throw a rag at Mom, are jerks.  … Continue reading

Natal Hypnotherapy

There was this really beautiful post on Birth Without Fear about a physiological breech birth at home.  The mom relied on her midwife to have the home birth she wanted after the hospital only offered c-section as an option. This is really eye-opening to me, because I didn’t even know this was an option!  I … Continue reading


A friend from college started this really excellent blog called “Where we Wear: A Collection of Babywearing Stories.”  She posts stories of baby wearing with some really excellent pictures.  I love reading the stories she finds, and it makes me so excited to wear Bub (in like 10 weeks!  CRAZY!!!) Today, I ran across this … Continue reading

Wedding Planning – Funny and Fail-ful

Over at Happy Place, I found this really funny pic of a fake RSVP card, representing a wedding RSVP card that covers every horrible wedding guest that could possibly be invited.  I think my favorite is the one for the person who RSVPs “yes” and then doesn’t show and doesn’t tell you why.  Teddy and … Continue reading

Naming Your Baby

New Zealand.  The land of my favorite rugby team, the All Blacks.  They’re amazing and I ❤ them. New Zealand should absolutely, positively not be confused with Australia.  Yeah, they’re both islands.  Yeah, they’re both really far away from America.  Yeah, they both have people with really cool accents.  But they’re different.  One is Middle … Continue reading

Cheap(est ever) Flats

Guys. GUYS. You can make 2 flats and 2 doublers from 1 t-shirt.  OMG.  You can get a t-shirt for next to nothing.  This is cheaper than floursack towels! This is happening.  Seriously.  It’s amazing.  My mind is blown.  I am cowering in awe before the excellence.  I am quaking before this display of epic … Continue reading

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