Sushi in a Jar

Once a week, Belly Monster goes to day care and I get a day at the library to work on my current project. To save money, I’ve been packing myself bento box lunches (and posting them on my Twitter @jerseybridehh, if you’re interested). Now, I’ve been a vegetarian for I don’t know how long, maybe … Continue reading

Women Need to Stop Putting Each Other Down

This happened last weekend, but I’m still annoyed. A friend, she’s a teacher, single, no kids, told me I don’t know what tired means, because she has 45 kids to look after and I only have 1. I wanted to $@#&ing strangle her right there in the bar. I get teachers don’t get the respect … Continue reading

A Glimpse in Our Life: Up and Down

We flew. On a plane. And lived to see another day. To be fair, Belly Monster has flown before, and it was the Flight of Champions: DC to India. But we now know that a long flight with a one year old and an 18 month old are somehow completely different beasts. It wasn’t nap … Continue reading

Now I Need a Pizza Stone. Thanks NYTimes.

I’ve been wanting a pizza stone for awhile, but now I NEED one. Imagine Teddy’s surprise if I made homemade naan!

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