Oh, Noooooooooow I Get It

When I first started buying cloth diapers to prep for Belly Monster’s arrival, I kept reading about how addictive cloth diapering is.  And I admit, I didn’t really get it.  Sure, cloth dipes are cute, but I only ran across 2 that were just so cute that I had to buy them.  For the most … Continue reading

Cheap(est ever) Flats

Guys. GUYS. You can make 2 flats and 2 doublers from 1 t-shirt.  OMG.  You can get a t-shirt for next to nothing.  This is cheaper than floursack towels! This is happening.  Seriously.  It’s amazing.  My mind is blown.  I am cowering in awe before the excellence.  I am quaking before this display of epic … Continue reading

Flats and Handwashing Challenge

Flats.  I have no flats in my fluff stash, but I will probably have to at some point.  Next year, when Baby is about 8 months old, Teddy and I will be traveling to India to visit family.  As of right now, I am planning to cloth diaper the entire trip.  The very VERY rough … Continue reading

First Cloth Diaper Group Meeting & an Evaluation of my Newborn Stash

Last week, I attended the Lehigh Valley Diaper Circle, which I found through Meetup.  It was hosted by the woman who owns Ju-Ju Monkey, and there were maybe 10 or so mommies and mommies-to-be there with their babies. I had a lot of fun and got to meet some nice women.  Since I don’t know … Continue reading

Wool Dryer Balls

It’s a constant march towards removing unnecessary chemicals from the house, whether food additives or chemicals in cleaning products.  But recently I’ve learned about a product that I’m seriously considering, though I’m also a little anxious about. Wool dryer balls are used in place of fabric softener and dryer sheets, and supposedly as an added … Continue reading

I Didn’t Get Burned! Fluff Mail!

I posted recently about my fear of getting burned by my China cheapy cloth diaper purchase from Assunta. Hooray hooray, they arrived!  Check out the cutes: So I purchased 6 of Assunta’s Tiny Covers.  They have a cross-over snap at the waist, to make the diaper snug enough to fit around a newborn baby’s waist, … Continue reading

The Joys of Fluff Mail: My Take from the Swaddlebees Clearance Sale

Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fluff mail.  The best mail.  My favorite mail lately.  A day is instantly improved by the arrival of fluff mail. What is fluff mail?  Fluff mail is fluffy, soft, adorable mail.  In other words, cloth diapers! My most recent fluff mail is my take from the Swaddlebees clearance sale.  Check out the cutes: On … Continue reading

Hopefully I Won’t Get Burned This Time

Back when I was planning my wedding, I got burned when I bought my first wedding dress.  I bought a dress from Ebay, and it was supposed to be made for me in China and shipped. It wasn’t. That dress was really pretty 😦 Anywho, you would think I would have learned my lesson and … Continue reading

(Some) Reasons to Cloth Diaper

I ran across this fantastic blog post over at The Awesome Cloth Diaper Blog titled Top 5 New Reasons to Cloth Diaper. Which got me thinking, why did I decide to cloth diaper? I think my main reasons are: Money – Cloth is cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, I can waste money on pointless shit … Continue reading

New obsession: Cloth diapers

Teddy & I are expecting our first peanut, and I’ve decided to use cloth diapers when our little one arrives.  Absolutely none of my friends have done this, so I’ve been relying on blogs and other online resources to educate myself.  (Though my mother in law did cloth diaper Teddy, so she’s totally supportive!  But … Continue reading

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