Radio Silence Possible

I’m writing this a few days ago, when I am (was) 40 weeks + 4.  I’m kinda living at the hospital – going in tomorrow for my third non-stress test.  Anywho, by the time this post goes up, I’ll probably have Belly Monster in my arms.  So this blog may be silent for awhile as … Continue reading

40 Weeks!

Today is my EDD.  Not that your EDD really means anything, but it’s still exciting! There’s tons that have gotten done.  My cloth stash is all cleaned and prepped and put away.  The nursery furniture is put together.  The crib is made up with fresh and clean and super-cute sheets.  I have my aunt’s rocking … Continue reading

Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

A friend asked me about pregnancy and any “woes” that she should know about.  Specifically, she wanted to know the stuff that no one else will tell her.  And it got me thinking, there’s a TON about pregnancy that no one told me.  And I don’t think most people are told some of this stuff. … Continue reading

Babymoon Recap

Babymoon was fantastic! We stayed at the Stockton Seaview in Galloway, NJ, just outside of Atlantic City.  When we checked in, the woman at the desk asked if we were on vacation or there for a wedding, and I got to say “we’re on a babymoon!”  Turns out her daughter’s due date was the very … Continue reading

Week 32: When My Mind and Body Went Crazy (AKA Why I Didn’t Post This Week)

I’m about halfway through week 33 now, and it’s been rough. Week 32, my body rebelled against me.  I spent most nights up with heartburn and/or body aches (calves and upper legs mostly, but also numbness in my arms and hands).  It’s an incredibly awful way to wake up – my chest would be on … Continue reading

Birth of Sloane

Lately I’m obsessed with this video.  It’s a home waterbirth, and it’s amazing, and it makes me cry every time I watch it. So you should watch it.  And I hope you love it as much as I do.

Natal Hypnotherapy

There was this really beautiful post on Birth Without Fear about a physiological breech birth at home.  The mom relied on her midwife to have the home birth she wanted after the hospital only offered c-section as an option. This is really eye-opening to me, because I didn’t even know this was an option!  I … Continue reading

Rethinking Birth

I’m now 27 weeks.  I love my OB – he’s supportive and answers my questions and doesn’t stress me out unnecessarily and hasn’t said one word so far about induction or c-section.  I think he’ll be supportive of the birth I want, and I hope I can get through this experience without Picotin or having … Continue reading

Blog to Check Out: Birth Without Fear

I wanna give a shout out to Birth Without Fear.  I don’t really follow the blog, but I do follow their Facebook page, and some of the stuff they post is really incredibly inspiring. The blog shares birth stories, stories of loss, videos, and is just a great place to read about the amazing pregnancy … Continue reading

Parenting Advice – Pretty Worthless

It’s funny, Baby is still a little English cucumber in my womb, kicking me and giving me heartburn, and already people want to tell me how to raise the little bub. Dude, shut up.  I haven’t even met my little nugget yet, and I really don’t care what you have to say about my decision … Continue reading

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