Sushi in a Jar

Once a week, Belly Monster goes to day care and I get a day at the library to work on my current project. To save money, I’ve been packing myself bento box lunches (and posting them on my Twitter @jerseybridehh, if you’re interested). Now, I’ve been a vegetarian for I don’t know how long, maybe … Continue reading

Kitchen Hand Scrub

Teddy’s family in India owns a farm which grows, among other things*, coconuts. *As far as I can tell, the only other thing is rice. I’m not really sure. But things like bananas and jackfruit and other yummies grow wild, so there’s always amazing fresh fruit to be found. So, coconuts. I call Teddy the … Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Related Resolutions at Cloth Diaper Geek

I’m late on this one, but Cloth Diaper Hell has a great post of 10 cloth diaper resolutions. I’ve already done some of these! But some I think I’ll take up for 2015. Take a look at her list. Here’s where I stand on the 10 resolutions. 1.  Did it! Domestically to Annapolis when Belly … Continue reading

Stain Solutions from U of I Extension

Guys, I’m apparently really boring. Excessively, mind meltingly boring. Because I just got REALLY excited about this. How. To. Clean. Everything.

Strassing your Shoes

I ran across this thread at and thought I’d share, because it’s such an awesome idea.  This bride is strassing her wedding shoes! I think they’re absolutely beautiful – if I didn’t already have the most ridicadunk fabulous shoes ever, I’d consider this project.  It looks fairly simply, though time intensive, but the finished … Continue reading

Pink & Orange Beach Wedding – Ooooooohhhhhhhh Yeah

People tend to have odd reactions to my wedding colors: So when I found this, I just HAD to post it.  How could I not? Enjoy the awesomeness.

Charitable Favors

Favors – what a pain. Let’s be honest – most guests don’t want these things.  I’ve gotten so much stuff over the year that I didn’t even want to bother taking home.  Unless I can eat it right there, I really and honestly don’t want some trinket with your wedding date stamped on it.  It … Continue reading

Color Obsession

Our wedding colors are pink and orange.  Lots of people have this from-the-gut instant-hate of our colors, but they’re wrong and we’re right.  OK, so that’s a little nuts of a reaction.  But Teddy & I really like the combination, and so far everything has been coming together really beautifully. And as an extra bonus … Continue reading

Pom-Poms a Go-Go?

The other day I posted about how I recently decided I absolutely must have paper pom-poms at my reception.  I even included two different pictures of paper pom-poms in my inspiration collage yesterday. But, I wasn’t really sure how T would feel about them.  Actually, I was kind of assuming he would hate the idea. … Continue reading


Dancy over at Beer Budget Bride’s Musing has this excellent post where she talks about seeing tissue pom-poms at Grand Central Station. zOMG gorg; I totally love them. Of course, MS has instructions on how to make them.  So I’m sitting on the couch and I show Dancy’s pics and the MS website to my … Continue reading

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