Women Deserve Better

This is really powerful. I’m lucky that we found a supportive pediatrician who (so far) has not questioned our choices. She is actually pleased we’re still breastfeeding, and when I decided to delay transitioning to traditional solid food from packaged baby foods, even though that would mean not transitioning until after 1 yo, she was … Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Related Resolutions at Cloth Diaper Geek

I’m late on this one, but Cloth Diaper Hell has a great post of 10 cloth diaper resolutions. I’ve already done some of these! But some I think I’ll take up for 2015. Take a look at her list. Here’s where I stand on the 10 resolutions. 1.  Did it! Domestically to Annapolis when Belly … Continue reading

Recipe Review: The Pioneer Woman’s Homemade Applesauce

The Belly Monster loves applesauce. LOVES. She is always asking for it, and I figured with as much as she eats, I should give a go at making my own. After poking around online, I decided to try a recipe I found over at The Pioneer Woman. It looked pretty straight forward and quick, two … Continue reading

Stain Solutions from U of I Extension

Guys, I’m apparently really boring. Excessively, mind meltingly boring. Because I just got REALLY excited about this. How. To. Clean. Everything.

PoC of the Non-traditional Parenting Methods, Unite!

I’ve never heard of Love,d cloth diapers, that’s not the reason I clicked on this blog. This showed up in the Black Women Do Cloth Diaper group on Facebook, and I just loved seeing another PoC mommy in the Land of Blogs.  It’s so rare seeing other WoC when I go to cloth diaper (or … Continue reading

Technology and Kids, What Age is the Right Age?

When I was pregnant, one of the things I said was “zero screen time” for the Belly Monster. Yeah, right. Belly Monster, like lots of American kids, gets a fair amount of screen time. I need background noise, and by habit I leave the TV on way more than I should. Lately it’s been the … Continue reading

Sailboat Canning is a Thing!

This is truly inspiring. Canning on a sailboat! I can’t even imagine. Her kitchen must be smaller than my smallest studio apartment kitchen – where I never canned. “I didn’t start canning until I moved into my smallest kitchen ever; the galley on Kate, our Newport 41’ sailboat. The galley (boat speak for kitchen) is … Continue reading

Trying our best to lower our impact

One of the things I hate about our new town is that there’s no curbside recycling. I grew up in a town with mandatory recycling, so the fact it’s not even an option is just nutty to me. We finally have a composting bin, which we’ve wanted for ages but couldn’t have at our old … Continue reading

New drying rack

Did you know there’s a stage in life where you get really excited for a new dish drying rack? Yeah, me neither, but Here I Am. We tossed out old rack, I think it was OXO, when we moved. It was great, because it folded flat for storage. I had it in two different studio … Continue reading

Unpaper Towels

I guess once we entered the wild world of cloth diapers, it was inevitable more reusable products would enter our lives. From the diapers themselves to cloth wipes, wool dryer balls, and mama cloth, there’s less and less disposable products we’re using, and that makes Teddy and I really happy. The newest change is unpaper … Continue reading

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