How to Be a Good Wedding Guest

Why is this so hard?  Some people are just *horrible* wedding guests.  I think I’ve mentioned before that we had an entire empty table of people who RSVP’d yes and then didn’t show up on the day of our wedding.  I don’t even want to admit how much that empty table cost us.  (I’m actually … Continue reading

Wedding Planning – Funny and Fail-ful

Over at Happy Place, I found this really funny pic of a fake RSVP card, representing a wedding RSVP card that covers every horrible wedding guest that could possibly be invited.  I think my favorite is the one for the person who RSVPs “yes” and then doesn’t show and doesn’t tell you why.  Teddy and … Continue reading

Wedding Collage

Wow, talk about a blogging fail.  I just realized that even though the original intent of this blog was to chronicle my wedding planning, I never actually posted any pics from the wedding.  Whoops! Major overlook, now rectified. So, pictured are: Our sand ceremony, which currently lives on our media cabinet below the wedding photos.  … Continue reading

Bridesmaids Inspiration Board

I made this inspiration board while thinking about my bridesmaids and how gorgeous they’re going to look at the wedding!

Steampunk Wedding!!!

Nuff said. Seriously, steampunk makes me so happy I could squee.

Maid of Honor Duties

Luckily, my MOH is a rockstar, because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing half the time.  She’s organized and knows all about wedding stuff and tells me to get out my inner bridezilla (which I haven’t done yet, I just whine to her when things don’t go well). So while my MOH probably knows … Continue reading

Pink & Orange Beach Wedding – Ooooooohhhhhhhh Yeah

People tend to have odd reactions to my wedding colors: So when I found this, I just HAD to post it.  How could I not? Enjoy the awesomeness.

Wedding Planning Can Be Horrible…..

…..luckily, there are the interwebs to hold your hand. I found this list on Offbeat Bride of one bride’s 5 “ah-ha!” moments with wedding planning.  It’s a great list, and I agree with most of them.  But even more useful – check out the comments!  It’s like a dumping ground of everything you would ever … Continue reading

A Colored Veil?

Offbeat Bride – which, btw, is an awesome site – has this very cool post about colored veils. What What WHAT? WHY didn’t I think of that? ::brain starts spinning:: I was planning on making my own veil, anyway. My colors are epicly awesome. My bridesmaids are in dresses that are epicly awesome. I am … Continue reading

Thinking About the Wedding Cake

My mom convinced me to buy a wedding cake (a friend had offered to make it, but don’t worry, he’s doing something potentially even more awesome for the wedding – unfortunately it’s a surprise for Teddy so I’ll have to post about it after the wedding).  Because it wasn’t an original plan to buy the … Continue reading

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