New drying rack

Did you know there’s a stage in life where you get really excited for a new dish drying rack?

Yeah, me neither, but Here I Am.

We tossed out old rack, I think it was OXO, when we moved. It was great, because it folded flat for storage. I had it in two different studio apartments, where space is crucial, but it was incredibly hard to keep clean, and Teddy and I finally decided to retire it. Since moving, I’ve been making due with a cheap wire rack my in laws left behind. It didn’t have anything to hold cutlery, and it was way too small for our dishes, let alone pots and pans.

So with the arrival of Christmas and the inevitable gift cards, we were able to get a new drying rack. And L.O.V.E.


It’s by simplehuman, and it’s fantastic. It’s big enough for our humongous dishes, it has a separate holder for knives, and it easily holds 4 glasses on the back without them knocking each other. There is an attachment (currently stored under the sink) for wine glasses, which adds to the awesome. Plus it’s really sturdy, so I didn’t worry about it collapsing or toppling despite me loading it up pretty heavy.


(Oh, and remember I said the new place is in need of a deep reno? See those hot pink walls in the kitchen? Yeah …. )


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