Bridesmaids Inspiration Board

I made this inspiration board while thinking about my bridesmaids and how gorgeous they’re going to look at the wedding! Advertisements

Steampunk Wedding!!!

Nuff said. Seriously, steampunk makes me so happy I could squee.

Branching Out: New Directions for Jersey Bride

Check this out: my wedding is in 79 days.  79 days!!!  Whoa. So that makes me think about all the things that need to get done.  Finish the invitations (never……..ending………….), get Teddy’s outfit purchased, figure out my hairstyle for that day, do the place card holders, get the blouse for my saree tailored, and on … Continue reading

Maid of Honor Duties

Luckily, my MOH is a rockstar, because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing half the time.  She’s organized and knows all about wedding stuff and tells me to get out my inner bridezilla (which I haven’t done yet, I just whine to her when things don’t go well). So while my MOH probably knows … Continue reading

Boxes Will Take Over Your Life

Last week, I uploaded this picture to Facebook:   If you haven’t had the joy of planning a wedding, that picture is what your house will turn into when it’s your turn someday.  In this picture ar: Napkins for the bridal shower Chair sashes for the beach wedding Candles for the wedding dinner and reception … Continue reading

Strassing your Shoes

I ran across this thread at and thought I’d share, because it’s such an awesome idea.  This bride is strassing her wedding shoes! I think they’re absolutely beautiful – if I didn’t already have the most ridicadunk fabulous shoes ever, I’d consider this project.  It looks fairly simply, though time intensive, but the finished … Continue reading

Pink & Orange Beach Wedding – Ooooooohhhhhhhh Yeah

People tend to have odd reactions to my wedding colors: So when I found this, I just HAD to post it.  How could I not? Enjoy the awesomeness.

Wedding Planning Can Be Horrible…..

…..luckily, there are the interwebs to hold your hand. I found this list on Offbeat Bride of one bride’s 5 “ah-ha!” moments with wedding planning.  It’s a great list, and I agree with most of them.  But even more useful – check out the comments!  It’s like a dumping ground of everything you would ever … Continue reading

A Colored Veil?

Offbeat Bride – which, btw, is an awesome site – has this very cool post about colored veils. What What WHAT? WHY didn’t I think of that? ::brain starts spinning:: I was planning on making my own veil, anyway. My colors are epicly awesome. My bridesmaids are in dresses that are epicly awesome. I am … Continue reading

Thinking About the Wedding Cake

My mom convinced me to buy a wedding cake (a friend had offered to make it, but don’t worry, he’s doing something potentially even more awesome for the wedding – unfortunately it’s a surprise for Teddy so I’ll have to post about it after the wedding).  Because it wasn’t an original plan to buy the … Continue reading

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