Starlight Stitches Maxaloones

I’m excited to announce I’m one of the new “Brand Ambassadors” for Starlight Stitches, an amazing work at home mom brand. I’ve been using her products with my daughter pretty much since birth, and I have always been impressed with the quality of the products and the amazing customer service I’ve received. This weekend, as … Continue reading

A Glimpse in Our Life: Up and Down

We flew. On a plane. And lived to see another day. To be fair, Belly Monster has flown before, and it was the Flight of Champions: DC to India. But we now know that a long flight with a one year old and an 18 month old are somehow completely different beasts. It wasn’t nap … Continue reading

Unpaper Towels

I guess once we entered the wild world of cloth diapers, it was inevitable more reusable products would enter our lives. From the diapers themselves to cloth wipes, wool dryer balls, and mama cloth, there’s less and less disposable products we’re using, and that makes Teddy and I really happy. The newest change is unpaper … Continue reading

Keeping a Garden on an Apartment Patio

Teddy and I are lucky that even though we live in an apartment, we have a really nice sized patio.  As in 10 by 8 feet.  Pretty huge for an apartment.  As an added bonus, there’s no balcony over it, so we have pretty decent light a good part of the day.  We do have … Continue reading

I Didn’t Get Burned! Fluff Mail!

I posted recently about my fear of getting burned by my China cheapy cloth diaper purchase from Assunta. Hooray hooray, they arrived!  Check out the cutes: So I purchased 6 of Assunta’s Tiny Covers.  They have a cross-over snap at the waist, to make the diaper snug enough to fit around a newborn baby’s waist, … Continue reading

Steampunk Wedding!!!

Nuff said. Seriously, steampunk makes me so happy I could squee.

Maid of Honor Duties

Luckily, my MOH is a rockstar, because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing half the time.  She’s organized and knows all about wedding stuff and tells me to get out my inner bridezilla (which I haven’t done yet, I just whine to her when things don’t go well). So while my MOH probably knows … Continue reading

Wedding Planning Can Be Horrible…..

…..luckily, there are the interwebs to hold your hand. I found this list on Offbeat Bride of one bride’s 5 “ah-ha!” moments with wedding planning.  It’s a great list, and I agree with most of them.  But even more useful – check out the comments!  It’s like a dumping ground of everything you would ever … Continue reading

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