A Glimpse in Our Life: Up and Down

We flew. On a plane. And lived to see another day.

To be fair, Belly Monster has flown before, and it was the Flight of Champions: DC to India.

But we now know that a long flight with a one year old and an 18 month old are somehow completely different beasts.

It wasn’t nap time, but she had run like crazy around the gate and was about ready to pass out. I got her snuggled on my lap, gave her the boob, and she nursed to sleep before we even took off. And she slept Chicago to Philly, waking up just as we touched down.

She wakes up, looks out the window, points to the wing and says “up and down.”

I tell her she slept through the whole thing. She missed the up, she missed the down.

Poor Belly Monster was very confused. But it was a great flight.


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