Lisa Bloom: How to Talk to Little Girls

A friend posted this on FB, and it’s amazing.  It’s a great post about talking to little girls in a way that doesn’t focus on how cute or well dressed she is, but instead focuses on her intelligence and recognizing that she has something worthy of a conversation. Reading this really had a strong impact … Continue reading

Cheap(est ever) Flats

Guys. GUYS. You can make 2 flats and 2 doublers from 1 t-shirt.  OMG.  You can get a t-shirt for next to nothing.  This is cheaper than floursack towels! This is happening.  Seriously.  It’s amazing.  My mind is blown.  I am cowering in awe before the excellence.  I am quaking before this display of epic … Continue reading

Steampunk Wedding!!!

Nuff said. Seriously, steampunk makes me so happy I could squee.

Pink & Orange Beach Wedding – Ooooooohhhhhhhh Yeah

People tend to have odd reactions to my wedding colors: So when I found this, I just HAD to post it.  How could I not? Enjoy the awesomeness.

A Colored Veil?

Offbeat Bride – which, btw, is an awesome site – has this very cool post about colored veils. What What WHAT? WHY didn’t I think of that? ::brain starts spinning:: I was planning on making my own veil, anyway. My colors are epicly awesome. My bridesmaids are in dresses that are epicly awesome. I am … Continue reading

Lazy Day Inspiration: All Things Floral

So, when it comes to flowers, I’m clueless.  People always ask: what are your flowers for the wedding?  My response: ummm…. orange and pink. And some green.  Maybe? Yeah, clueless. I know I don’t want roses (so obvious) and I love daisies.  Besides that, I’m really adrift. So today’s “I should be reading for class” … Continue reading

Bored, la-di-da

What I do when I'm bored in class

Tonightwas dull, so I did this instead of what I was supposed to be doing.  If this were a tweet, the hashtag would be: #YouKnowYouveBecomeWeddingObsessedWhen (except that’s way too long for a hashtag haha)

Inspiration from MSW: 50 Great Wedding Centerpieces

Martha Stewart Weddings has an interesting slideshow up: 50 Great Wedding Centerpieces. I was pleased there were a fair number of non-floral options.  As any budget-conscious bride knows, flowers will really kick your budget out of whack.  Some of my favorite non-floral options were: Tea Cup Centerpiece – I’m a sucker for tea cups, and … Continue reading

Color Obsession

Our wedding colors are pink and orange.  Lots of people have this from-the-gut instant-hate of our colors, but they’re wrong and we’re right.  OK, so that’s a little nuts of a reaction.  But Teddy & I really like the combination, and so far everything has been coming together really beautifully. And as an extra bonus … Continue reading

Jersey Girl Love Story

So, in case you couldn’t guess from the title of this blog, I’m from Jersey.  And uber-proud of it. zOMG ***NO*** that’s not me.  Actually, that’s not what people look like in Jersey.  Try Staten Island. I’m from that other part of Jersey, outside of Philadelphia. The part with cranberry bogs and horses and farm … Continue reading

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