How to Be a Good Wedding Guest

Why is this so hard?  Some people are just *horrible* wedding guests.  I think I’ve mentioned before that we had an entire empty table of people who RSVP’d yes and then didn’t show up on the day of our wedding.  I don’t even want to admit how much that empty table cost us.  (I’m actually … Continue reading

Wedding Collage

Wow, talk about a blogging fail.  I just realized that even though the original intent of this blog was to chronicle my wedding planning, I never actually posted any pics from the wedding.  Whoops! Major overlook, now rectified. So, pictured are: Our sand ceremony, which currently lives on our media cabinet below the wedding photos.  … Continue reading

Thinking About the Wedding Cake

My mom convinced me to buy a wedding cake (a friend had offered to make it, but don’t worry, he’s doing something potentially even more awesome for the wedding – unfortunately it’s a surprise for Teddy so I’ll have to post about it after the wedding).  Because it wasn’t an original plan to buy the … Continue reading

Making the Guest List

Fair Warning: This reads as being really ranty.  I tried to fix it, but it’s still ranty.  It isn’t actually intended to be ranty, I don’t know why it is.  But it’s not.  Sorry. When putting together a wedding on a budget, one of the easiest ways to bust that budget is going overboard with … Continue reading

Charitable Favors

Favors – what a pain. Let’s be honest – most guests don’t want these things.  I’ve gotten so much stuff over the year that I didn’t even want to bother taking home.  Unless I can eat it right there, I really and honestly don’t want some trinket with your wedding date stamped on it.  It … Continue reading

Inspiration from MSW: 50 Great Wedding Centerpieces

Martha Stewart Weddings has an interesting slideshow up: 50 Great Wedding Centerpieces. I was pleased there were a fair number of non-floral options.  As any budget-conscious bride knows, flowers will really kick your budget out of whack.  Some of my favorite non-floral options were: Tea Cup Centerpiece – I’m a sucker for tea cups, and … Continue reading

Pom-Poms a Go-Go?

The other day I posted about how I recently decided I absolutely must have paper pom-poms at my reception.  I even included two different pictures of paper pom-poms in my inspiration collage yesterday. But, I wasn’t really sure how T would feel about them.  Actually, I was kind of assuming he would hate the idea. … Continue reading


Dancy over at Beer Budget Bride’s Musing has this excellent post where she talks about seeing tissue pom-poms at Grand Central Station. zOMG gorg; I totally love them. Of course, MS has instructions on how to make them.  So I’m sitting on the couch and I show Dancy’s pics and the MS website to my … Continue reading

Wedding Saree

I went away for a few days with T, checking out the area of the Philly ‘burbs he’s moving to, and when I came home yesterday my wedding saree had arrived!  I had bought it online from Utsav Sarees about a month ago, and was pretty nervous because the eBay wedding dress never arrived.  But … Continue reading

Inspirations: Over-Done Place Cards

Something I’ve been planning for a while now is using mini galvanized buckets for my place cards.  I kinda love galvanized buckets (random, yes, but that’s me), and I have big plans for them at the ceremony – galvanized buckets will hold the programs and dollar-store paint brushes so guests can brush off their feet … Continue reading

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