A Glimpse in Our Life: DaddyLa Hugs

Belly Monster calls Teddy “DaddyLa.” We don’t know why. It’s often accompanied with a sign she made up for him. Because she’s adorable. And maybe a little mysterious.

So I’m standing in the kitchen, by the gate, and she’s on the other side, in the living room / dining room. Teddy is at the dining room table, finishing up his breakfast.

I kneel down, and I’m whispering to Belly Monster. “You should give DaddyLa a hug!”

She smiles her imp smile, runs to him, runs PAST him, around the playpen, and hides in the corner.

She runs back to the gate, giving Teddy a wide berth. She thinks she’s hysterical.

Me, again, “give DaddyLa a hug!”

Repeat. Now she’s sure she’s hysterical. From the corner she yells “HUG!”


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