I Need a Three Day Nap

Belly Monster has been going through some kind of awful growth spurt, and I’m dying.

Thursday night she didn’t sleep. Well, she slept from about 9pm to midnight. Then she was up until almost 6am. It was awful.

Friday she was grouchy, but I chalked it up to crazy sleep. She willingly took a nap, which was amazing.

Friday night was OK, and she slept to 8am. That’s like a vacation! And she ate decently, not great.

Saturday, grouchy, out of sorts, refusing food and only wanting cheese. Child, you want cheese, you gotta poop. House rules.

Saturday night she was up until like 11:00. Amma cannot deal with that.

Sunday, she slept until 8 again. Is this a new thing? I could like this thing.

But she was like craaaaaazy all day. Still demanding cheese, first full on temper tantrum ever, yelling “no” at everyone, throwing toys at us. Aaahhhhhh.

During all of this, she’s been rubbing her elbows, and she suddenly doesn’t fit in some of her 18 month tops and some shoes. So, growth spurt, right?

I gotta get her eating again, and sleeping normal times. I can’t with the late nights.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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