Women Deserve Better

This is really powerful.

I’m lucky that we found a supportive pediatrician who (so far) has not questioned our choices. She is actually pleased we’re still breastfeeding, and when I decided to delay transitioning to traditional solid food from packaged baby foods, even though that would mean not transitioning until after 1 yo, she was totally on board.

(I wanted to wait until we came back from India, since I couldn’t guarantee access to clean food cooked in clean water for the entire trip. In the end, she ended up eating quite a bit in India with no ill effects, but I was glad to have lots of trusted food with us for those iffy times.)

I thought I found a supportive OB, but I was wrong. My advice: if you and baby are healthy and doing great, and you realize your provider is not supportive of your wish for a natural birth, a VBAC, whatever, switch. I don’t care if you’re 39 weeks, I don’t care if you’re 40+1, find someone else.

Anyway, read this. It’s amazing.



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