Cloth Diaper Related Resolutions at Cloth Diaper Geek

I’m late on this one, but Cloth Diaper Hell has a great post of 10 cloth diaper resolutions.

I’ve already done some of these! But some I think I’ll take up for 2015. Take a look at her list. Here’s where I stand on the 10 resolutions.

1.  Did it! Domestically to Annapolis when Belly Monster was 6 months, and internationally to India when she was a year. Prefolds, flats, and a mix of PUL and wool covers, though I did use disposable Flip inserts for the flight.
2.  I really need to do this. I’m still using the jelly roll fold at 17 months! And I only know one fold for my flats. Pretty pathetic!
3.  I may do this, but I kinda feel like I already did in India.
4.  I’m not doing this in 2015, but I am  lending my newborn stash to a mama in my online cloth diaper group.
5.  Doing this with #4!
6.  I have wanted to do this for ages. Maybe this is the year.
7.  Done and done.
8.  Ditto.
9.  Ditto again, but with the move, I’ll need to find a new location.
10.  I do this online, but haven’t in person. Maybe, if the opportunity comes up, I will.

Any cloth or parenting resolutions for you this year? Let me know in the comments!


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