Recipe Review: The Pioneer Woman’s Homemade Applesauce

The Belly Monster loves applesauce. LOVES. She is always asking for it, and I figured with as much as she eats, I should give a go at making my own.

After poking around online, I decided to try a recipe I found over at The Pioneer Woman. It looked pretty straight forward and quick, two bonuses when you’re cooking with a toddler running rampant.


I went with a mix of McIntosh and Kiku apples, because they were the ones that smelled best at the store. Very scientific selection process. Belly Monster attempted to knock over the stack of produce, adding to the shopping adventures.


Peeling and coring the apples didn’t take a long as I expected, even though I took the time to get the peels off each apple in one strip. Pointless, true, but I felt so accomplished, and that’s gotta count for something, right?


I followed the recipe exactly, except I added nutmeg (mmmmmm, nutmeg), and I cut some of the apples into smaller pieces than directed. They just looked so big and I figured smaller slices would help things along.


About 10 minutes in, I was seriously doubting the apples would cook down in 25 minutes. Nothing was happening. 5 minutes later, I was proven wrong.

I should have never doubted you, Pioneer Woman!


When they were done cooking, it was time to make Teddy and the Belly Monster breakfast, so I just left the apples on the stove. They probably sat there about an hour before I got a chance to toss them in the food processor. I ended up doing them in 3 batches.



Talk about yield! So. Much. Applesauce. And it’s yummy! I ate some while it was still warm, and it was really good.

So overall, definitely happy with this recipe. I’ll be making it again.


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