Trying our best to lower our impact

One of the things I hate about our new town is that there’s no curbside recycling. I grew up in a town with mandatory recycling, so the fact it’s not even an option is just nutty to me.

We finally have a composting bin, which we’ve wanted for ages but couldn’t have at our old place, so that cuts down a fair amount on our trash. But we do a lot of online shopping, so we have tons of cardboard. We also don’t drink the municipal water, so there’s plastic bottles. (This is a problem we’re working on.)

Luckily, there’s plastic and glass recycling at the municipal building, and a local private school does paper and cardboard recycling. It’s just so incredibly inconvenient to load everything up and drive to two different places. But we do it. Because it’s important.

When I asked about this, I was told they’re considering curbside recycling for later this year. Things like this kind of make me want to get involved in local politics, but I’m new and I’m sure there are bigger problems that I’m not clued in on yet. Isn’t it better for someone familiar with the community to be tackling it’s problems? I’m not sure … it’s honestly not something I ever considered before.

Anyway, the important thing is that despite it being more difficult than it needs to be, we’re doing our part and recycling all we can. I’m excited to use the compost on our vegetable garden later this year!

What do you do around the house to learn your impact? Any tips?


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