Unpaper Towels

I guess once we entered the wild world of cloth diapers, it was inevitable more reusable products would enter our lives.

From the diapers themselves to cloth wipes, wool dryer balls, and mama cloth, there’s less and less disposable products we’re using, and that makes Teddy and I really happy.

The newest change is unpaper towels. I realized I go through a TON of paper towels, and it just seemed really wasteful and I figured there had to be a better way.


After seeing the prices on Etsy, I decided I could make a great set for myself for much cheaper. I did terry on one side, flannel on the other, turned and stitched on my sewing machine. I got 12 towels out of 1.5 yards (each) of material, and the dozen cost me about $20 to make. I’ve been loving them so far, and I plan to make another dozen when I see another fabric I like.

Because I already use dish cloths for washing, I just throw these in the same pail for washing. That pail also collects dirty bibs and kitchen towels, so all the kitcheny, foody laundry gets consolidated into one load.

So what’s next on making our house more reusable and earth friendly? I’m not sure, actually. I’m sure we’ll think of something!


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