Poor grocery shopping benedict


I’m a horrible grocery shopper. Rarely do I go with a plan, instead finding inspiration from whatever is at the store. So I often end up with a random selection of produce that wasn’t really parr of any plan, and now I’ve gotta find a way to Tim Gunn it.

This go around, I was confronted with a huge head of kale (which I recently discovered Teddy will eat) and some tomatoes. I had no clue what to do with this, until I remember the hollandaise sauce I had picked up at Trader Joe’s as an impulse buy. I figured there had to be a yummy vegetarian benedict hiding in my fridge, and I was totally right!

First I toasted the challah bread Teddy had asked for, using the stove’s griddle. Then I sautéed the kale with a LOT of garlic to put on top. Each slice of bread was big enough to hold two gorgeously poached eggs, and I topped with the hollandaise. On the side I did some garlic and thyme oven roasted tomatoes.

Overall, it was pretty darn yummy, though I really really REALLY need to perfect my own hollandaise sauce recipe. Store bought just doesn’t cut it for me!

So, if you have a really great hollandaise recipe, feel free to leave a comment with it!

Oh, and today’s cooking soundtrack was Amy Winehouse, Johnny Cash, and the Cramps.


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