Ground Control, can you hear me?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog recently, and I think I’m about ready to pick it up again. Probably slowly at first, but hopefully I’ll eventually get back to a regular posting schedule.

In the meantime, here’s a quick update:
1 after being unemployed for longer than I would have ever thought I would be, I got a job as interim director of a small history museum.
1a. It was awesome, and challenging, and a 1.5 hour commute. I was used to commutes that long (yeah, Jersey traffic is bad), but I quickly learned it’s much more difficult when you have a baby at home. Which was an issue because …
1b. That job started when I was 3 weeks pp. I cried the first couple times. Leaving the belly monster was definitely hard.
1c. After 1 year, that post ended. Currently looking for the next step, and I’m writing a book. I’m also giving a few guest lectures this semester. So I’m keeping my toes wet.

2. We have completely stuck with cloth diapering. We love it. We even traveled multiple times with cloth, including to India. I hand washed in a hotel bathroom in Bangalore, which was nuts, and got to see that adorable cloth blowing on a line in Kerala.

3. Despite an unnecessarian and going to work so soon, we quickly established a really beautiful breastfeeding relationship. Still going strong at 17 months!

4. We left our wonderful townhouse in Bucks County and moved to a relative’s house in Delaware County. It’s in need of a deep reno so it can be sold, and we’re doing the reno. There will be posts and posts and posts about this. Oh, the things we do for family!
4a. Bonus 1, we’re like 20 minutes from Center City Philly.
4b. Bonus 2, I can go to Reading Terminal Market for produce and cheese. Mmmmmm, cheese.
4c. Bonus 3, there’s a food co-op in West Philly?! The times, they are a changing. (I’m right on top of that, Rose!)
4d. Bonus 4, there’s a really nice farmers market in our new town, only a little smaller than where we used to live.
4e. Bonus 5, there’s a historic theater downtown that’s being renovated and turned into a music venue. I’m hoping to get involved in that, cause that’s totally up my alley. It was in Silver Linings Playbook, if you saw that movie.

5. My little belly monster is a wonder. She’s smart, and funny, and she has so much energy and I don’t know some days how I’ll keep up, but I manage. I love her to pieces and it’s hard to imagine what my days would be like without her umas (kisses) and leg hugs and tickles.

So that’s the highlights of the past 17 months. More to come.


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