40 Weeks!

Today is my EDD.  Not that your EDD really means anything, but it’s still exciting!

There’s tons that have gotten done.  My cloth stash is all cleaned and prepped and put away.  The nursery furniture is put together.  The crib is made up with fresh and clean and super-cute sheets.  I have my aunt’s rocking chair set up for breastfeeding.  All the adorable clothes we’ve been given are tucked away in drawers and hung on hangers.

There’s tons that haven’t gotten done.  I haven’t made myself a single nursing cover.  I haven’t made the upcycled winged prefolds that I bought t-shirts and an old towel for.  The desk/crafting table are covered in things that need to be put away.  The boxes of crafting supplies are still sitting in the middle of the nursery floor, pretty much guaranteeing I will trip to my death at some point.  I’m still not entirely certain how to wrap my K’tan.

So are we ready?  Eh.  I’d say so.  Sure the house isn’t perfect, and yeah there’s this crazy part of my brain that is telling me to wash the baseboards, but there’s nothing stopping up from bringing Belly Monster home.

40 weeks!  So excited.  Any day now!!!


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