Oh, Noooooooooow I Get It

When I first started buying cloth diapers to prep for Belly Monster’s arrival, I kept reading about how addictive cloth diapering is.  And I admit, I didn’t really get it.  Sure, cloth dipes are cute, but I only ran across 2 that were just so cute that I had to buy them.  For the most part, the whole thing was pretty practical, and I didn’t get the “addiction” people talk about.

And now I know why – I was looking at the big brands.  Flips, Bummis, Blueberries.  Even the Chinese cheapies I was looking at weren’t amazingly cute, and really they were all a little repetitive.  Polka dots, animal prints, stripes.  Occasionally I’d see argyle (love), but nothing was really drawing me in.

But the addiction comes from WAHMs.  OMG.  So many cutes.  Buying dipes is now like collecting Pokemon.  Gotta catch (buy) them all!

WAHM stands for work at home mom, and there are some amazing things out there.  Lots of moms sell on Etsy, obviously.  The other big sites are Hyena Cart and Facebook.  I’m embarrassed to admit I recently bought 2 WAHM dipes from Etsy (a Firefly/Browncoat pocket and a Star Wars pocket), and I’m eying 2 more dipes from a different WAHM (a Harry Potter and a Batman, though I also spotted a very cool Wonder Woman).

The thing about WAHM dipes is it can be hard to judge quality, but I’ve taken to Googling them for reviews on mama blogs, some of which make videos, so you can really see the dipe in action.

I’ve been only buying WAHM dipes in one size, so I’ll have an extended life out of them.  But that means I’ll have to wait for Belly Monster to grow out of her newborn dipes.  And considering she’s right now estimated to be born around 7.5 pounds (which could be totally off, U/Ss being notoriously inaccurate for guestimating size), it could be awhile before any of these cutes get to be OTB (on the butt).

Still, I keep finding cute dipes, which means I keep getting fluff mail.  Hooray!  And since my one size stash right now is pretty small, only 8 pockets, so it isn’t necessarily a waste to be buying these dipes.  I haven’t hit the level of some moms I’ve seen online who really are collecting dipes.

Next up: I wanna take a leap into wool.  I’ve got prefolds and fitteds with PUL covers for newborn size, but I’m thinking for one size, fitteds with wool sounds amazing based on everything I’m hearing.  But I may get a wool cover for newborn size to get my feet wet.

Do you buy WAHM dipes?  Who are your favorites?


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