Breastfeeding Terrorists?


Teddy sent me this article about a couple who was accused of being terrorists when the mother dared to breastfeed her child at the Metropolis Country Club in White Plains, NY.  A supervisor approached the family, asked them to leave, and then insisted she move to the bathroom when the couple refused to leave.  The police were called, the doors to the room were shut, the other diners were ordered out of the room, and the police officer approached the couple, one hand on his gun, the other on his taser.  The officer stated the couple were considered potential terrorists, because they had a black backpack.

And then there’s this quote: “The issue of breastfeeding has always drawn fire — the decision to do it, its benefits, its length of time, and where to do it are endless topics of debate. And recently, there have been a slew of mothers who allege they were shamed in public for breastfeeding.

This is ridiculous, and as far as I can tell, it’s an issue that pretty much exists in America and Canada.  I personally haven’t found any indication that this shaming of breastfeeding exists in other parts of the world.

The article also has this to say: “People tend to be uncomfortable with it because they associate breasts with sex; however, just as we use our mouths for both kissing and eating, it’s time to expand our views on breasts.”  EXACTLY.  Teddy and I have talked about this, and the problem as far as we can tell (and obviously, we’re not experts) is that in America, breasts are purely sexual, and so the idea of breastfeeding is repugnant to people.

Just the fact that breastfeeding to 2 or 3 years old – which is totally normal in most parts of the world – is called “extended breastfeeding” in the US and makes people not just uncomfortable but even angry.  Isn’t it sad that something so natural, making use of our bodies as nature intended, is so disturbing to people?  That they shame us and tell us we’re doing something gross that needs to be hidden?

I hope that when it comes time to breastfeed Belly Monster, I won’t let people shame me or make me hide.


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