Babymoon Recap

Babymoon was fantastic!

We stayed at the Stockton Seaview in Galloway, NJ, just outside of Atlantic City.  When we checked in, the woman at the desk asked if we were on vacation or there for a wedding, and I got to say “we’re on a babymoon!”  Turns out her daughter’s due date was the very next day, so we talked babies for a bit, and then she gave us our room key.  We think she upgraded us while chatting, because we got a fantastic room overlooking the green area in the front of the hotel and across the golf course.  Past that we could see across Reeds Bay to Brigantine, and off to the right we could see the light pollution of AC and the flashy shiny tower of Revel Casino.

After grabbing lunch at the hotel, Teddy & I spent the afternoon floating in the pool, which felt fantastic for my various aches and pains, and I got a little sun.  Yay tan!  For dinner, we went to this surprisingly good Greek restaurant, which was super fun, because turns out Teddy had never had cheese saganaki.  Seriously, flaming cheese.  So yummy yummy good.  Also, the baklava was excellent.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Day 2, and Teddy had set up a prenatal massage for me at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.  This was probably one of the fanciest things I’ve ever done in my whole life.  I’ve never had a massage, the whole thing was kinda strange, and I wasn’t really comfortable.  But I’ll tell you what, the woman who did my massage was awesome.  She totally put me at ease, she asked lots of questions before we started to make sure I was comfy, she had tons of pillows to get my big ol’ preggo belly in a good place, and she made sure the scented oils wouldn’t bother my scent sensitivity.  I actually kinda dozed off for part of it, that’s how comfy she made me!  There was a really amazing looking pool I wanted to get into after, but it was crazy overcast and it looked like the sky was going to open up.  So instead, we went for brunch and I loaded up on yummy noms.  Then we tried to hit the boardwalk, but this crazy storm, practically a monsoon, hit, so we ended up taking a nap in our hotel room, and I finally got down to the pool when the sky cleared up late afternoon.

Dinner was Carmine’sNOM.  So good, but way too much food.  We wandered around the casino for awhile, then headed back to our hotel, sitting outside so Teddy could smoke a cigar.  The sky was beautiful, it was super quiet, we could see the lights of the beach across the bay, and it was just a beautiful night.

Final morning, yummy breakfast at the hotel, and a drive back home in the pouring rain.  Seriously, this weather is more like April than the first week of July.

What a great weekend.  What an awesome husband.  36 weeks, 4 to go!

(Oh, and I came home to fluff mail!  Four Blissful Booty Perfect Pockets OS that I scored on sale.  Super cute!)


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