Week 32: When My Mind and Body Went Crazy (AKA Why I Didn’t Post This Week)

I’m about halfway through week 33 now, and it’s been rough.

Week 32, my body rebelled against me.  I spent most nights up with heartburn and/or body aches (calves and upper legs mostly, but also numbness in my arms and hands).  It’s an incredibly awful way to wake up – my chest would be on fire, which for some reason made me salivate and drool, my legs were sore and wouldn’t move, and my hand was all pins and needles but my arm will only flop around like a dying fish so I couldn’t ‘t shake it to wake it up.

When awake, I was just uncomfortable.  I was constantly hungry, but I couldn’t get more than a tiny bit of food down at any one time.  I was soooo thirsty, but more than a little water and I’d feel like I was going to be sick.  Walking or climbing stairs was difficult, because I was out of breath.

And then, there was the crying.  Oh God, the constant, pointless, no-reason crying.  It was terrible.  I was inconsolable, and I couldn’t give a single reason about why I was crying.  It could strike at any time – morning, afternoon, middle of the night.  I managed to keep it together when I was out, mostly because I was so embarrassed that I wouldn’t allow myself to cry in front of friends.  But as soon as I could escape to my car, a bathroom, or home if I was lucky, then it was over and the waterworks were on.

Hormones and pregnancy, yay.

I’m getting better, I know it’s a phase, but it’s been pretty sucky.

Teddy, of course, has been lovely and supportive and totally understanding.

I’ve been pretty lucky so far – hardly any morning sickness, minimal pain, minimal discomfort.  So I’m not complaining about 2 weeks of crappiness, but I also would really love to get past whatever this phase is and back to being happy pregnant lady.

SO that’s why I haven’t posted this past week.  Because I was just all out of sorts.  I’ll try to get back on track next week.


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