Gender Reveal: Cupcakes & Cigars

We recently had our baby shower – I say “our,” because while I had a tea with my girlfriends, Teddy went out to a bar with his guys.  We decided to do a gender reveal at the shower, because I hate hate HATE gender-normative baby clothes.  I just could not deal with the idea of having a dresser full of pink or blue clothes.  The best way to avoid that was to just not tell anyone baby’s sex until most people are totally done with buying gifts!

One thing we did was let everyone guess if Belly Monster is a girl or a boy.  As everyone walked in, they took a name tag that was pink or blue and said “I’m on Team Blue” or “I’m on Team Pink.”  It was fun seeing what everyone was thinking, especially when they would try to read my reaction or get me to slip-up about the right answer.  I got the name tags from My Own Labels, a site I used before with our wedding, and I have always been happy with the quality of my purchases.

For the ladies, I made cupcakes in mason jars.  Simple yellow-cake cupcakes with pink icing & pink sprinkles filling and white icing on top.  My secret to filled cupcakes?  An apple corer – let the cupcakes cool on a rack until the firm up and are cool to the touch and use the apple corer to hollow out the cupcake.  Super easy, and the perfect amount of cupcake is removed.  I topped them off with sparkly sprinkles in pink, blue, and yellow.  The cupcakes were a huge hit, and it was pretty funny to see my friends dig into the jars looking for the icing filling.

cupcakes panel

For the guys, Teddy wanted to hand out his current-favorite cigar, Kuba Kuba Acid blue label.  I found these great cigar wrappers on Etsy through seller FavoriteFavor.  I received a digital proof the same day I ordered, and the wrappers arrived just a few days later.  I was definitely happy with the customer service, and the wrappers themselves were great!

cigars panel

Everyone was so excited to find out that our Belly Monster is a girl, and it was a really beautiful and fun day.  Now we just need to start setting up her nursery!  Yay, nesting!


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