Etsy Store to Check Out: Geek-A-Bye Baby

A friend posted Geek-A-Bye Baby on my FB wall a few weeks ago, and me being a huge geek, I was pretty much in love right away.  Baby stuff inspired by Star Wars, comic books (DC *and* Marvel), Dr. Who, video games — kinda everything my silly little world revolves around.

I also liked the store’s FB page, which is how their Mystery Bib of the Month Club popped up in my newsfeed.  For $27 (plus shipping), we’ll get 3 mystery geek-a-rific bibs.  Awesome!  When I went to buy it, I realized I had to make a choice – girl, boy, or surprise.  This made my brain hurt a bit, because while Belly Monster is a girl, I would be sad if picking “girl” would mean no awesome Star Wars or comic book bibs, which tend to being considered “boy” geek stuff.  (Which, BTW, is stupid.)  Also, my aversion to gender-normative colors meant I’m always anxious that when I indicate “girl” on any order, I’m going to end up with ALL THE PINK.  *gag*  So I sent a message asking which selection would be best, and I got a great response right away suggesting I select “surprise” but also stating they’re not huge fans of gender-normative colors. YAY!  And *then* after I placed my order, I responded to something on their FB wall, and they commented back asking if I was OK with a little pink in my order.  I think it’s awesome they are so responsive to customers and really want to make sure I’ll be happy with what we receive!

As a canner, I’m also intrigued by their Sci-Fi Geek Five Jam Sampler, which is five 1.25 ounce jars of jam, each a flavor inspired by awesome (Serenity, Dr. Who, Dune, Star Wars, and Star Trek).  What an excellent idea!  Yeah, I’ll probably get that soon.

They also make what is possibly the best baby toy ever in the history of life – a custom crocheted doll they will make based on your child’s drawing.  This might be the sweetest idea ever.

I’ll definitely put up a review of the bibs once I receive the first one, but right now, I’m super excited for this purchase!


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