Who’s To Blame? (Sue’s to Blame!)

Sorry for the title, couldn’t resist.

OK, so here’s the story: parents go to Starbucks.  Mom realizes Baby needs a diaper change.  Mom goes in bathroom and sees there’s no changing table.  Mom returns to seating area and changes Baby’s diaper on a table.  Starbucks employees are rude, throw a rag at Mom, are jerks.  Dad, bringing some maturity to the situation, dumps his coffee on the floor and tells employees to clean it up.  Everyone starts arguing with each other.  Employees call the cops to report a disturbance.


Alrighty, so first off, WTH wasn’t there a changing table in the bathroom?  How does that even happen?  This totally unscientific survey suggests 70% of Starbucks bathrooms DON’T have changing stations.  Not cool Starbucks.  I’ve been in Starbucks all over this country, and I was even a barista briefly in graduate school.  And you know what?  There are a ton of families that come through with small kids every day.  And you know what ELSE?  A lot of them are probably in diapers.  GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER STARBUCKS.

Second, the article doesn’t say if the parents drove to the Starbucks or walked.  I was recently in Denver, and from what I saw, it isn’t a terribly walkable city, though they do have a pretty good public transportation system.  I’m bringing this up, because, if they drove, then the next step should have been to change Baby’s diaper in the car.  NOT on a table.

Third, OMG GROSS.  PARENTS: DO NOT CHANGE YOUR CHILD’S DIAPER ON A TABLE LIKE THIS.  You would not be happy if I stuck my hand down my pants and wiped it on that table.  You know why?  Because GROSS.  That’s why.  Urine.  Fecal matter.  Possible diseases.  All things that don’t need to be on a table where I’m gonna sit and eat my cinnamon chip scone.  As far as I’m concerned, the mom here was totally out of line to change her child’s diaper on that table.

Then there’s the reactions. The employees acted like asshats, for lack of a better word.  And the dad responded in kind.  They totally deserve each other.

So the question is: with no changing station, if the parents didn’t have a car they could use for the change, what was Mom to do?  Honestly, I have no idea.  Maybe use the top of a toilet with the seat down?  Or sit on the toilet seat and do the change on your lap?  Or on the bathroom floor?  (My diaper bag came with a changing pad, didn’t theirs?)  I don’t have an answer, and I kinda feel like Starbucks created the situation by not making a changing table available in the bathroom.  (And really, only because I feel like in America people expect there to be a changing station.  In other countries, changing tables are rare or practically non-existent.  And mommies and daddies in those countries make due just fine.) Anyway, I just can’t see using a table where people eat and drink as acceptable.  You always hear from breastfeeding moms that they shouldn’t have to feed their child in a bathroom, because it is unsanitary.  Well, changing your child’s diaper where others are eating and drinking is EQUALLY unsanitary.  If you don’t want to breastfeed in the bathroom, you can bet your last dollar I don’t wanna eat next to your kid’s dirty diaper.

My opinion, everyone here was in the wrong.

(Title reference is in this video at 3:02 but might be hard to catch if you don’t know what you’re listening for.  Totally NSFW.)


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