A friend from college started this really excellent blog called “Where we Wear: A Collection of Babywearing Stories.”  She posts stories of baby wearing with some really excellent pictures.  I love reading the stories she finds, and it makes me so excited to wear Bub (in like 10 weeks!  CRAZY!!!)

Today, I ran across this excellent post on “Evolution, Parenting and Babywearing,” which discusses the reasons why babywearing makes sense and why it’s a natural way to parent your child.

I’m planning on wearing Bub, and Teddy is planning on it as well.  Right now, we have a Chicco Keyfit Caddy, which we registered for mainly for convenience.  We are also registered for a stroller / travel system, but I’m feeling kind of conflicted about it.  If we’re both planning to babywear, why do we need a stroller?  But aren’t we supposed to have a stroller?  Isn’t that just something parents are supposed to have?  Ahhhh……

I don’t know.  I don’t know what we’re supposed to do.

Teddy thinks we should just wait, see if babywearing works for us, and if it doesn’t then we can buy the stroller.

But I hope babywearing works.

2 Responses to “Babywearing”
  1. We don’t have a stroller either and plan on baby wearing, we’re going to see how it goes and if we need a stroller later on, then we’ll get it then. The other issue is, in Thailand, there aren’t many places we would be able to use the stroller as the side walks are usually non existent, so it made the decision easier.

    • Heather Hope says:

      That’s the same reason I’m not planning on bringing a stroller on our India trip! My mom thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t even see how I could function with a stroller in India. I received 2 carriers at my baby shower this weekend, a K’tan and a Maya sling. I’m pretty happy right now just having the small stroller that the infant car seat snaps into – I figure it might be useful for grandparents, but I don’t think we’ll end up getting the big stroller.

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