Wedding Planning – Funny and Fail-ful

Over at Happy Place, I found this really funny pic of a fake RSVP card, representing a wedding RSVP card that covers every horrible wedding guest that could possibly be invited.  I think my favorite is the one for the person who RSVPs “yes” and then doesn’t show and doesn’t tell you why.  Teddy and I had an entire empty table of people who didn’t show up.  They cost us a LOT of money, and none of them volunteered why they didn’t show up.  Three I asked, and their responses were so stupid I let it go on the rest of them.

Wedding guest pro tip: If you RSVP “yes,” and you’re not sick/dying/dead, you go.  End of story.  If, when the RSVP is due, you don’t know if you can go or not, call the bride and discuss it with her OR just go ahead and RSVP “no.”  (Which you do depends on your relationship with the couple.)  Extra bonus tip: If you RSVP “no,” that’s it.  Don’t go.  Don’t think “oooohhhh I can go after all, I’ll just show up, they’ll love to see me!”  Dude, stop.  If they don’t have a wedding planner, the couple (read: the bride) is probably gonna have to figure out where to sit your rude self and may have to pay for your meal, since everything at that point is paid for and YOUR DINNER WASN’T PAID FOR.   There are no pockets in her wedding dress.  I didn’t even know where my wallet was on my wedding day.  If I had to cough up money for something, I would have had to send someone to a bank. You know what a bride doesn’t wanna do on her wedding day?  Accommodate your self-consumed rude ass.


So here’s something funny.  Here’s a for-real legit RSVP card I saw last year (sorry for the bad resolution, I took the pic on my cell):


After this started getting gossiped about (and posted on FB), the couple who sent this out with their wedding invitations said it was a joke, and they were surprised no one “got” the joke.

Hahaha.  Joke.

Seriously, it’s kinda funny, but also kinda tacky, but I bet this happens more than I like to think.  (Read: ever.)

What kind of silly / ridiculous / tacky wedding things have you seen?

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