Naming Your Baby

New Zealand.  The land of my favorite rugby team, the All Blacks.  They’re amazing and I ❤ them.


New Zealand should absolutely, positively not be confused with Australia.  Yeah, they’re both islands.  Yeah, they’re both really far away from America.  Yeah, they both have people with really cool accents.  But they’re different.  One is Middle Earth but for real, and one is filled with things that want to kill you.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out:


Also, Australia has cane toads.

Anyway, Teddy and I took awhile picking our nugget’s name.  It’s all settled now, but it’s a pretty big decision.  This is the name that will define your little peanut, the name that will identify him/her to everyone else for the rest of their lives (unless they rebel and pick a new name for themselves, which happens).  Anywho, you really have to think about it.  You don’t wanna give your kid a name that will make them the subject of playground ridicule or make it impossible for anyone to ever hire them or marry them or whatever.

Unless you live in New Zealand.  Then you try to name your kid *.  Or Lucifer.  Or Anal.  Cause you’re a kiwi, and that’s how you roll.

It’s gotten so bad, the government has banned 71 names.  Amazing.

For the record, Teddy and I have picked a perfectly normal name for our peanut.  (Mostly.  Teddy hates the middle name, but it’s awesome and he’ll learn to love it.)

And since this is a post of epic randomness, here’s a video of the All Blacks performing the haka:

And here’s the first part of “Cane Toads: An Unnatural History,” the best documentary ever made:


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