Dreaming About India

I have been absolutely obsessed with going to India lately.  And that’s sad, because I probably (OK, definitely) won’t get to go until March next year.

But really, I sooooo wanna be in India right now.

I wanna ride in an autorickshaw with Teddy and our little peanut.  I wanna go shopping in Bangalore.  I wanna relax on my in-laws’ front porch and watch the slow lazy river drift by.  I want to go to a temple and have bub blessed by an elephant and receive the blessing of prasādam.  (In-laws might not be thrilled about that part, seeing as they’re Christians and part of the reason for the trip is Baby’s baptism.  Oh well haha.)  I wanna go to an all-you-can-eat vegetarian restaurant and gorge myself on poori and daal until I pass out from over-fed happiness, and I want it served on a banana leaf.  I wanna drink coconut water from a coconut just sliced open by one of the uncles.  I wanna wander along the narrow streets of Niranam and Thalavady and take Baby to visit all the relatives in all the little houses scattered along both sides of the river and enjoy the overwhelming darkness and sky full of stars that appear in a village with not light pollution.  And what I really dream about is drifting on the Kerala backwaters, wandering through village markets and just letting life drift along past rice paddies and fishing boats.

from the boat

Sigh…. it’s so far away.

(OK, and maybe I want a little toddy.)



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