Buzzfeed: 26 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults

This showed up on my FB newsfeed awhile back, and it just kept cracking me up.  You can for serious scroll through this and re-think in your head “26 reasons why law students are the worst drunks ever,” and you’ll basically see a re-enactment of plenty of nights out when I was living in Chicago.  Just add “they get mysteriously hurt for no reason, but don’t even know it happened” with a picture of a baby with a massive black and purple bruise on a knee.  (That wasn’t me, BTW, that was a friend, and she did it all the time.)

It also has me cracking up, because I love that in these situations – kid climbing into the fridge, kid stuck in the floor – some parents have the reaction of “OMG where’s the camera?!?!”  I wanna be that parent.

Check this gem out: There is no sleeping position too uncomfortable.


And check out the rest of Buzzfeed’s list here.  Enjoy!


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