Me, Scared? No Way.

My husband, who is the perfect guy for me and has a twisted sense of humor that totally works with mine, sent me this slideshow of 19 hilarious signs you’re definitely a parent.

I know this should make me anxious or something, but it just makes me giggle.  I already spend hours looking for my car keys (and phone. and purse. and everything), so I can’t sweat that too hard.  I already regularly sit down in the middle of stores (OK, so not lately, because I can’t get back up).  I’m a huge fan of gender-bending costuming (hey, I was in a Rocky Horror cast, what do you expect?).

But this… this is epic:

milk squirt

This is totally something that would happen to me.

New life accomplishment I must master: squirt Teddy in the eye with breastmilk.  That’s gotta be worth 500 points.


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