Pinterest Recipe Review: Cinnamon Bun Pecan Pie

I found this recipe through Pinterest – it’s a Cinnamon Bun Pecan Pie.  Whoot!  Sounds awesomesauce.  I had a lunch with some of my girlfriends coming up, and this sounded like a great dessert to bring along.


I followed the recipe pretty much exactly. Honestly, I have absolutely never understood people who find a recipe online, don’t follow it, and then whine “zomg this recipe totally didn’t work wha wha wha.”  Whatever.  Follow the recipe, see how it turns out, and then make changes you wanna make NEXT time.  That’s how I roll.  Exciting, huh?

Anyway, I pretty much had everything this called for on hand.  I just needed frosting, pecans, and the pie crusts.  But it was really straight forward, and if you bake, you probably have most everything in your pantry already.

Making the pie

I toasted the pecans in the oven while putting together the crust, which was a little time consuming but not really bad at all.  Everything got added to the pie as the recipe instructed and baked up easily.  I brought the frosting to the lunch with me, because my time management failure meant I couldn’t drizzle the frosting on a cool pie before leaving.  I also failed to take a picture of the finished pie with the frosting – we were so excited to EAT that I forgot, but that just means it looked fantastic, right?

This was my first time baking off Pinterest, and it came out really well.  One thing I would do differently next time – the original blogger made this pie in a nonstick pan, but I used my ceramic pie pan.  I did spray it with cooking spray, but the crust still stuck pretty badly to the pan which made it hard to get out.  I *think* what happened is that even with the spray, you’re really pressing down to turn the little cinnamon bun rounds into a cohesive crust with no gaps, and that pressing made the rounds stick to the pan.  I made this in the ceramic pan because I thought it would be nicer looking, but if I had it to do over, I’d definitely try it in one of my nonstick pans.

But seriously, this was yummy.  Totally Pinterest win.  Talking about it makes me want another piece, but it’s all gone.  Maybe I’ll make a pie today!


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