Pregnancy Fears: Is there *NOTHING* I Can Eat?

I love cheese.  Let me scream that from the mountaintop:


There are few cheeses I don’t love.  Stinky cheese?  Love.  Hard cheese? Love.  Cheese with stuff in it, like fruit or nuts or herbs?  Love.  Gooey soft cheese?  Love love love.

So Listeria is a big PITA for me, cause it’s the reason I’ve had to roll back my cheese consumption.  No feta, no goat cheese, no brie.  NO BRIE.  No queso blanco – totally crimping on my Mexican food addiction.  No blue cheese.  Ugh.  This baby better be cute as hell for me to not be eating brie for nine (ten) months.  (J/K, it’s OK, but I’ll probably go on a cheese diet for about 3 years once I can eat cheese.)

I’ve tried asking when out if the cheese is pasteurized – which would make it be OK to eat – but I used to serve tables and I know they have no clue half the time.  I did manage to find some feta at the supermarket that was OK, and that was glorious.  Mmmmm…. feta and tomato omelet.

Speaking of eggs – no undercooked eggs.  No eggs Benedict.  Brunch, you have been ruined.

Teddy watched me like a hawk.  I managed to get some huevos rancheros recently, but then I felt guilty and then paranoid.  So I won’t do that again.  (They were really yummy, though.)

I seriously think I miss runny eggs and cheese more than I miss my bloody Marys and craft beers.

Info: Mayo Clinic destroying my love of food.

2 Responses to “Pregnancy Fears: Is there *NOTHING* I Can Eat?”
  1. ahhh you’ve made me want cheese!!! I live in Thailand and cheese is hard to come by as it is, which is a good thing at the moment. But, I flew to Australia the day I found out I was pregnant and while we were really hoping to be pregnant so I could tell my family in person – one of my first thoughts (apart from the excitement) was that I wouldn’t be able to have cheese!! haha!

    • Heather Hope says:

      Fellow pregnant cheese lover! I had no idea food was so dangerous until now haha. Too bad you’re in Thailand, or we could meet up for a post-pregnancy cheese binge 😀

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