Pregger Lady Recommendation: Pregnant Chicken

If you’re pregnant, I think one of the best resources I’ve found is the email updates from Pregnant Chicken.  I get an email every week that gives me some info about what’s going on with my pregnancy and the belly monster.  On a scale from useless to CDC-update, I’d say it’s pretty-informative-super-funny.  So, when I had questions about Braxton Hicks contractions lately (AKA “OMG my body has rebelled against my existence, WTH is happening to me, can we rethink this whole labor thing?????”), Pregnant Chicken wasn’t where I went to.  My mini-library of pregnancy books got dug into by Teddy (he tried to do it on the DL, but I caught him).

Whoa, off topic.  Reel it in there.  OK: Pregnant Chicken.

Pregnant Chicken is my favorite email update I get every week.  I also get one from Baby Center (occasionally helpful), Pampers (which I haven’t even opened – I see it and delete it every week), and one of the formula companies not sure which (ditto on the see and delete).

Here’s an excerpt from my most recent Pregnant Chicken email, which had the topic of gestational diabetes:

This would also be a good time for me to point out that if you have a needle phobia, you’re going to be traumatized a few times during your pregnancy. I am not fond of needles to say the least, so I really had to buckle down and suck it up during both my pregnancies. If it makes you feel any better, I found that having that many blood tests really did help me tone down the terror when it comes to me and needles. If not, take comfort in knowing that it’s unlikely that either of us will become heroin addicts. That’s something.

Now there’s pregger lady info I can relate to.


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